Senior Veterinarian

Animal Health - FPZ · Boston, Massachusetts
Department Animal Health - FPZ
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Senior Manager/Supervisor

 Essential Job Functions:

  • Experienced clinical veterinarian providing oversight for medical and surgical care of all animals at ZNE and Mass Audubon’s Blue Hills Trailside Museum (TSM).
  • Management responsibilities and leadership for the clinical team.
  • Coordinates with other zoo staff in activities required for animal health maintenance.
  • Oversight and maintenance of a preventive health program up to AZA and AAZV standards.
  • Able to coordinate and participate in all aspects of veterinary care for the animal collection.
  • Help to conceive, plan, and execute projects and programs in conservation medicine and scientific research, as it relates to care and conservation of zoo and wildlife species.

 Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Practice veterinary medicine at a high level for all zoological species.
  • Perform surgery, anesthesia, and preventative health care as needed to  maintain the health of collection at ZNE and TSM.
  • Has direct supervision over veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and students at the zoo hospital.
  • Design and implement, in concert with other veterinarians at ZNE, a comprehensive preventative health care plan for ZNE and TSM animal collections.
  • Work directly with curators on animal care and dietary concerns as needed.
  • Work directly with veterinary technicians and consult with appropriate curators when needed in the daily assessment and planning of medical care for all animals in collection.
  • Responsible for making sure all quarantine requirements for animals are met in a timely manner.
  • Responsible for all incoming and outgoing animal health screens and coordination with the registrar and appropriate curator and other veterinarians related to animal shipments.
  • Scheduling, teaching, and direct oversight of veterinary and medical students.
  • Responsible for maintenance and troubleshooting of all animal Dangerous Animal Recovery Team (DART) supplies and protocols.
  • Interact with zoo keepers and curators to ensure animal health care is proceeding as planned.
  • Acts as senior animal care supervisor in absence of general curator, animal curator, President/CEO, or VP Animal Health and Conservation.
  • Attain a Class A license to carry a firearm and train on and be familiar with all DART equipment in the zoo hospital.
  • Schedule and conduct training for DART team members for all aspects of chemical immobilization.
  • Participate in the training / on the job education of technicians, assistants, interns, volunteers, and other staff members. assigned tasks related to animal health care, restraint, anesthesia, husbandry and emergency preparedness.
  • Participate in implementing changes in animal care as related to animal health maintenance of individual animals.
  • Participate and develop standard operating procedures for animal health care.
  • Effectively communicate with staff of institutions and agencies related to the field and related regulatory agencies.
  • Responsible for maintenance of health plan for collection up to AZA, AAZV, and USDA standards.
  • Responsible for necropsies on any dead animals in ZNE and TSM.
  • Responsible for veterinary health records.
  • Responsible for review and approval of all enrichment requests, diets, SOPs etc that may affect animal health.
  • Review and write animal emergency preparedness documents, such as narcotic handling and over-dosages, emergency drug dosages etc.
  • Provide guidance and instruction to zoo hospital staff and animal care staff on safe handling of animals, hazardous materials, drugs etc when you are the attending veterinarian.
  • Perform related duties as assigned, within your scope of practice.

 Minimum Job Requirements:


  • License to practice veterinary medicine in US and the Commonwealth of MA, or ability to obtain within 6 months
  • Eligibility for ACZM board certification and ability to become certified within a reasonable period
  • Formal clinical training with zoo animals, such as in an ACZM compliant residency program
  • Ability to work weekends, holidays, and overtime when needed
  • Must be able to work outside in inclement weather conditions to provide veterinary care
  • Able to perform at a competent level under high stress conditions
  • Willingness to work in direct contact with dangerous animals and potentially zoonotic diseases, as well as toxic and hazardous conditions
  • Understand zoonotic disease risks and practice safe handling / procedures when working with ZNE’s animal collection
  • Working knowledge of all applicable wildlife regulations and laws
  • Knowledge of applicable AZA and USDA guidelines and regulations
  • Accredited by the USDA for health certificates and cervid cervical TB testing, or ability to obtain within 6 months of hire
  • Must have rabies immunization and allow for rabies titers and TB testing according to ZNE policy
  • Must abide by all written ZNE policies and procedures
  • Class III drivers license
  • Class A firearms license, or ability to obtain within 6 months of hire
  • Ability to pass CORI screens 

 Preferred Job Requirements:

  • Board certification with the American College of Zoological Medicine is strongly preferred.
  • 5 years or more of full-time clinical zoo practice with excellent clinical skills.
  • Experience and interest in conservation medicine.
  • Design and implementation of research using scientific method.
  • Willingness to engage in scientific research and produce regular publications in scholarly journals.
  • Willingness to engage in the professional zoo medicine community.
  • Management experience and desire to lead a team.
  • Working knowledge of all aspects of animal health care of exotic and zoo animals.
  • Working knowledge of all applicable wildlife regulations and laws
  • Knowledge of applicable AZA and USDA guidelines and regulations that pertain to ZNE and TSM.
  • DEA license for controlled substances in MA and Federal.


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  • Location
    Boston, Massachusetts
  • Department
    Animal Health - FPZ
  • Employment Type
  • Minimum Experience
    Senior Manager/Supervisor